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Release date:

May 1st, 2014


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RedShift is a countdown suspense thriller involving a futuristic power plant that is melting down. To play, you must quickly navigate and find all the different overrides located in the facility before the core goes critical. The level layout and locations of the overrides changes with every play, and so does the amount of time available. The time remaining is also hidden, creating a incredible sense of rising tension as the facility begins to falter. It is designed to be difficult, but satisfying when you finally succeed.


The idea came while listening to the track ‘Clan’ by the band RedShift (for which the game is named after). It has an incredible sense of building urgency, and Mike instinctively felt like something very important should be performed while this music is playing. It lends itself very well to the bomb diffusing sequences seen in some action films. The Fukushima crisis in Japan also led to some thoughts and ideas about being stuck in such a critical situation, and the rest evolved from there.

RedShift is primarily developed by Mike Monroe, but is Belief Engine’s first entry into independent gaming, as well as gaming on iOS and Android. It was first demoed to the public in 2013, at the third annual Seattle Indie Expo (SIX) as a part of PAX Prime, where it was well received by attendees.


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Selected Articles & Mentions

“One of the most surprising indie games showcased at the Seattle Indie eXpo at PAX Prime”
Andrew Yoon, Shacknews

“Belief Engine Bringing Heart-Pounding Gameplay in RedShift”
– Rafiq Mandal, The IndieGameMagazine

“RedShift is innovative with the way that it uses simple gameplay mechanics and player actions to create a game that draws you in. It is difficult to fight off that feeling of panic as things get more desperate thanks to the music and sound effects, and you realize that the end is nigh.”
– Rafiq Mandal, The IndieGameMagazine

“RedShift is very easy to learn and play, but its simplicity combined with its hair-raising cues help make it one of the better survival games on mobile.”
– Nadia Oxford, 148Apps

“…as the clock ticks ever downward and the map grows larger with each new room and corridor, you realize that this isn’t just a facility, it’s a maze and you need to stay focused and attentive to succeed.”
– Christian Valentin, Indie Game Enthusiast

“RedShift is a nailbiter of a game for iOS”
_– Mel Martin, The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

“With its addicting old school gameplay and impressive presentation RedShift is a game every puzzle fan should check out.”
_– Craig Forshey, Super Game Droid

“RedShift is a tense little mobile game that will keep you zoned in for hours”
_– Adam Field, Slimgamer

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Mike Monroe
Art / Design / Audio / Programming
Belief Engine

Scott McKie
Additional Programming
Belief Engine


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